The First Fly Fishing Gear You Need To Buy

Fly Fishing Rod and ReelSo, you think you want to be a fly fishing angler. You might have seen someone on the side of the road fly fishing or you might have a buddy that’s trying to talk you into fly fishing but do you really know everything that goes into this type of fishing? You need to have a lot of patients and discipline to learn everything that needs to be done in order to have the best chance of catching a fish while fly fishing.

You might not think there is much to it, but you’d be surprised. Watching someone on the river flawlessly and effortlessly casting back and forth might look like there isn’t much too it but you would be surprised how much time and dedication that angler put into be able to do that. This is something that needs to be completely understood prior to trying to learn how to fly fish. This is the area where most people give up on fly fishing because it isn’t something that can be easily learn or mastered over a weekend.

Be Willing To Fight Off The Ropes

More often than not you will need years of experience under your belt before you can effortlessly and effectively use you fly fishing road and reels as if it were a part of your body like its an extension of your arm. Being about to fish a river that is full of obstacles such as fallen trees of overhanging tress can be one of the biggest things a new fly fishing angler will encounter. This greatly limits your ability to fish a large amount of locations because these are the types of areas fishing enjoy hiding out.

Like we said earlier, this will all come with time. You will be able to fish any location if you put in the hard work needed to become a fluent and talented fly fishing angler.

So, lets begin.

Fly Fishing FliesOne of the first things you’ll need to get your hands on will be a good fly fishing rod and reel. You can oftentimes find these as a combo set where you will be able to get a rod and reel together for about the same price as if you were to buy one of them separately. This is what I did when I was young. I remember my best friends father taking us to Bass Pro Shop and we went to their “White River” section with is dedicated to fly fishing. He helped me pick out everything I would need to get out on the water with them and fish, starting with helping me find the best fly fishing rod and reel combo for the money.

Once you have your rod and reel you’ll need to get yourself some line and leader. Without this your rod and reel will be just about worthless. Depending on the type of fishing you plan on doing you will need to buy this accordingly but for the most part it shouldn’t be too expensive to acquire this. You’ll also need to buy some split shot sinkers to help you get your flies out in front of the fish you’re going after. This leads us to our final item. The flies!

Just A Fly On The Wall

The kind of flies you get will vary greatly on the type of fish you’re going after. If you’re trying to catch bluegill then you’ll be able to catch them all day long with a simple spider fly but if you’re going after steel head then you’ll need a larger variety of flies because they are a picky fishing and what worked one day might not be effective at all the next day. If you’re just getting started with fly fishing we recommend you stay on larger bodies of water with few obstructions and lots of little fish. This will help you to learn how to cast your rod while also help to limit the amount of snags you’ll have.

Not only will this allow you get experience the frustrations associated with continuously get snagged but you’ll also be able to catch some fish which is one of the biggest moral boosters you can experience when it comes to fishing, especially fly fishing.

Now we can take a look into some of the extra gear you can get to help you progress with your fly fishing skills. You can get yourself a pair of waders that allow you to walk throughout the river moving from location to location with ease. These around probably the first thing we would recommend you get once you have all of the essentials covered.

Catching A Small FishOnce you have your waders you’ll need to get yourself a fly fishing vest. These come in all shapes and sizes and they can easily be tailored to each anglers specific needs. They make it easy for your to carry everything you could ever need while out on the water. They have storage pockets and hooks so you’ll never need to worry about forgetting something or losing anything.

These are the main things you need for fly fishing to begin, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to going down the rabbit hole of fly fishing gear. You would be amazed at all of the different things they have our there for fly fishing. they have a gizmo and a gadget for just about everything. Whether you’re fly fishing on fresh water or salt water, you’ll have a great time hitting the water with your fly fishing rod and reels on the hunt for that trophy fish.

Whats To Come…?

Make sure you stay tuned for our next post where we’ll go into detail about what you need to look out for if you’re fish fresh water and what you need to keep in mind if your fishing salt water. We’ll give you one hint, things like to rust…

The Newbie is Back

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