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Kings River

Kings River - Kings Canyon Sequoia National Park - If you live in California and haven't visited, you're missing out.  Even if you don't fish, this place is awesome!  My wife and I camped in Kings Canyon in early October (they close the Park mid to late October due to snow), and had a wonderful time.  The fishing is excellent with both Rainbows and Browns that eagerly take flies.





Lake Evans

Lake Evans is located about 100 miles North of Los Angeles in the Buena Vista Recreation Area, along with Lake Webb (a great place for spinning rods and hotdogs - if you like Catfish).


In order to fish Lake Evans you must pay an additional fee at the BV gate.  The stillwater fly-fishing is good early in the morning (shocker, right?).  Get out there before the sun comes up and throw black gnats or mosquito flies in small sizes.  Once the sun starts to hit the water I strongly suggest switching to a small popper.  The Bluegill are aggressive and lurk in shallow water and tend to gather at the dock.





Sevier River, UT

One of the first places we stayed in Utah was the Riverside Resort and RV Park.  I didn't know it then, but the stream access was going to be better than almost anywhere else I would find.  The manager of the place is quite friendly and the RV park is clean with full hook-ups including Wi-Fi.  Also, as a guest, you can fish the Sevier River that runs through the property.





Mammoth Creek, UT

One of the most beautiful settings that I was able to fish while in Utah was Mammoth Creek fairly close to Hatch, UT.  The road back to the creek was rough and muddy, but the payoff was worth it.  After fishing for about an hour I was treated to a sunset that my camera doesn't do justice reproducing.





Lees Ferry - Guided Trip

We left Utah after several days of very windy and cold weather that froze fly line to rod guides between casts.  Add to that the constant frustration with the lack of accessible fishing waters in Southern Utah, and you have a darn good reason to explore Arizona. We had been driving most of the day, taking in the beautiful landscapes, before passing through a small town nestled against a huge cliff wall about 10 miles from the Colorado River.  Sandra hollered at me that I had just passed a fly shop (a good sign that there is fishing nearby), so I pitched the RV into a turnout with a nasty drop-off that nearly toppled us - then executed mid-highway u-turn, and headed back to the Lees Ferry Anglers Fly Shop.





Arizona: Days 5 - 7

This will be my last update on the trip.  The weather turned bad on us, so we decided to head to Arizona.  It was a great decision!  I will give details later, but I got to fish the Colorado River from Lees Ferry and the next day hit Oak Creek near Sedona, AZ.  Right now I am sitting in Black Canyon, Arizona eating dinner and killing time until tomorrow when I hit the creek a stones throw from me... I don't however remember the name.





Utah: Day 4

Not a lot to report, but since there is WiFi where we are staying again... why not throw up a post?


We spent the day wondering why we came here.  It's cold, windy, stream access sucks, and for the most part it's nothing but scrub-brush and rocks.  There are lots of farms and cows, but no trees to speak of.  Now, don't get me wrong - the backdrop is stunning, but the foreground is what I'm talking about.  I don't know about Northern Utah, but Southern Utah isn't for us.  That being said; we did find a very nice area just outside Hatch, UT that was amazing.  The picture below is near Mammoth Creek.  Good night.





Utah: Days 2 - 3

Day 2 continued:  We headed out of Hatch for the Topic Resivour and the East Fork of the Sevier River only to find the road closed.  Robert, the owner of a local ATV Rental on the 12 informed us that about a week ago they experienced the worst storm this late in the season in over 27 years.  The roads back to the Tropic Resivour are under 7 feet of snow in some places.  He suggested we head north to Otter Creek and the East Fork of the Sevier River.  We did just that.


One of the few (very few, but more on that later) access points to legally fish is at a turnout near the town of Kingston - 5 miles NW of the Otter Creek Resivour.




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