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Fly Fishing Gear

Olympus Stylus Tough-6000

Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 - my new digital camera to take fishing.  I have been on the market for a while looking for an underwater camera, not the type you can take diving, just something that would allow me to shoot fish I catch without landing them.  Also, it's a great benefit to know that if I fall in the water my camera will be fine.  My iPhone will be toast, but the camera will be no worse for the wear.





Sharkskin Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Sharkskin Fly Line Review - I had heard good things about this line from other anglers, but it took me over a year to finally decide to part with $100 for fly line.  The line I purchased was the 3 wt. with a double taper, so that's what this article will discuss.  Other weights and tapers will have different properties that I will not try to guess at.





Garmin eTrex GPS

If you like to hike back to fishing holes that are off the beaten path - like me - then a hand-held GPS is a must have tool to keep in your vest.  I just upgraded my old (produced in 1999) standard, base model eTrex with the eTrex Venture HC (pictured below).  The new device set me back around $170, but has tons more features than the old one.





Tippet Size Conversion

If you are like me, and started fly-fishing after many years of conventional fishing, you might be wondering how to interpret the "X" system.  Read on for a fairly complete table.





Smelly Jelly Review

There's a lot made about whether or not smell is important to a fish, and among those who believe it is, exactly how important.  It was suggested to me at a Bishop fly shop that I try this stuff, so I bought a jar and went about the business of getting it on the fly, and not so much my fingers.





Fishing Lines Explained

In this article I am going to try to take the guess work out of choosing the type of tippet or leader material used when fly-fishing.  It was a big mystery to me which type of tippet to grab, but after doing some research, I feel that I can confidently select the appropriate material for the conditions.





Great Newbie Resources

These are some of the best newbie how-to books and video (DVD) on fly-fishing.  I'll tell you - quite frankly - I was skeptical of learning how to fly cast from a woman (no matter her credentials or last name).  It seemed a reasonable judgement since I hadn't seen a woman fishing more than on a handful of occasions, and never fly-fishing.  Joan Wulff's video on DVD was a purchase I made only after several experienced fly fisherman (including a professional guide) recommended it.  Even still, it struck me that buying an instructional video about fly casting created by a woman was akin to  woman buying a book on the child-birthing experience written by a man.


OK, so now I've told on myself and have been honest (almost to a fault) about my reluctance.  So please know that when I say Joan Wulff's video on fly casting is a must have for any newbie fly-fisher, it's the truth.  If you don't own her DVD, go now, purchase, and pay close attention to one of the finest fly casters in the world - regardless of gender.


Orvis Wading Sandals

I have been wearing these felt bottomed wading sandles since I got them as a Christmas present last year.  So, what you will read here is only after many, many hours of fishing in them.




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