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Finishing the PVC Fly Rod Tube

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Finishing the PVC Fly Rod Tube

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A while back I put up an article explaining how I made my pvc fly rod tube for under $10.  It's here: Fly Rod Tube  This weekend I finally got around to finishing it.


Sometimes I hike back to places where having the rod built is nothing but nine feet of frustration.  At those places, I will throw my fly rod tube in the back of my vest until I get to the water.  At the water, I take out the rod and stash the tube in the bushes until I am ready to leave.  I might as well have left the tube in the middle of the trail, since it was impossible to hide being stark white... well, and be able to find it again.


How to build a pvc fly rod tube 8


This is my solution.  A camo'd fly rod tube.  Took less than 10 minutes of actual work.


How to build a pvc fly rod tube


This is what I started with (or ended with in the previous article Fly Rod Tube)


How to build a pvc fly rod tube 2 


The paint I used is pictured above.  The black and green don't really matter - any brand will do.  The secret sauce is the Rust-oleum textured, multi-colored paint that looks exactly like sand.  A closer picture of the can is later in this article.


How to build a pvc fly rod tube 3


I started by very roughly spraying a base of green.  Let it dry... really.


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