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Olympus Stylus Tough-6000

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Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 - my new digital camera to take fishing.  I have been on the market for a while looking for an underwater camera, not the type you can take diving, just something that would allow me to shoot fish I catch without landing them.  Also, it's a great benefit to know that if I fall in the water my camera will be fine.  My iPhone will be toast, but the camera will be no worse for the wear.




My quick-n-dirty pros/cons list:



  1. Underwater image correction is handled by the processor - not the lens - so above water pics don't look skewed.
  2. Easy to learn - it should be noted that my last camera was also an Olympus, but I still think it would be easy to use.
  3. Seems to be pretty tough (as the name implies).  The device feels very solid.
  4. The pre-baked "Scene" settings seem to work very well.
  5. ISO (shutter speed) settings can be set manually... I haven't seen this on a point-n-shoot camera before.
  6. Has a mode that takes shots at a high rate by holding the button down.  Another feature usually absent from point-n-shooters.


  1. Doesn't take regular batteries.  Although AA's are more expensive, it's easier to have backups.  It should at least be an option.
  2. The lens area traps and keeps water which is easy to forget until you go to take the next shot.
  3. Movie capture only uses the Windows AVI format.  I use my Mac for site updates, so AVI's are a pain.
  4. Olympus still uses XD cards which are more expensive and less compatible than SD cards.  My TV accepts SD cards directly.

Here are some different shots taken with the Stylus Tough-6000:








This last shot is with the camera half submerged.  I kinda like the way it looks.




Overall: I really like the camera, especially for the money.  It's a good value.  I am used to retouching and/or color-correcting my shots from my old camera, but I rarely need to do that now.