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Frenchman's Flat - Oct 09 Report

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I went back to an old favorite - Piru Creek, Frenchman's Flat and fished at Concrete Falls.  This place isn't a favorite because it's beautiful - although it's prettier than my office - and certainly not for the size of fish - I have caught a few nice ones though - nope, it's just because it's where I started.  The falls remind me of when even a single catch with a fly rod eluded me time after time.  Now it's only sometimes, and I'm glad for it.


My report and a short low-quality video follow.

I mainly stayed away from dry flies since the tiny guys were feeding and there's no joy in hooking such a young fish. Instead I tied on a heavy nymph and worked the edges of the rocks as deep as I dared. For an hour and 15 minutes of work I caught two 6 - 8 inchers that gave a nice fight for their size. Both of them were pale and had very poor colors with faded spots on their backs. Maybe it's the season combined with their age and not an indication of a weak or diluted gene pool. If you look hard enough (and squint) you can see those little suckers jumping all over the place.





If you go, have fun. Be gentle releasing those little tikes, K? They are future breeders.