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Lake Evans

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Lake Evans is located about 100 miles North of Los Angeles in the Buena Vista Recreation Area, along with Lake Webb (a great place for spinning rods and hotdogs - if you like Catfish).


In order to fish Lake Evans you must pay an additional fee at the BV gate.  The stillwater fly-fishing is good early in the morning (shocker, right?).  Get out there before the sun comes up and throw black gnats or mosquito flies in small sizes.  Once the sun starts to hit the water I strongly suggest switching to a small popper.  The Bluegill are aggressive and lurk in shallow water and tend to gather at the dock.




I'm told that the best fly-fishing is out on the dam - to the right if you are looking at the lake from the perspective of the photo below.




I never made it out to the dam, so if you do, please drop me a note and let me know how you did.