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Stay Calm and Catch More

I remember when I was a kid, my family was camping somewhere here in California when I learned a lesson that I never forgot or thought would help me.  I was strolling up a rocky hill (if I remember right, to find a place to pee) when I came upon a rattlesnake.  I was somewhere between 8 and 10 years old and when the rattler sat up and started shaking, I took off back down the hill.  The problem was; the hill had rocks - sharp rocks - and gravity quickly outran my little legs.  I ended up with two bloody knees, two bloody hands, and my father yelling at me to "never panic!".


Here is the result (I will explain)...





Finishing the PVC Fly Rod Tube

A while back I put up an article explaining how I made my pvc fly rod tube for under $10.  It's here: Fly Rod Tube  This weekend I finally got around to finishing it.


Sometimes I hike back to places where having the rod built is nothing but nine feet of frustration.  At those places, I will throw my fly rod tube in the back of my vest until I get to the water.  At the water, I take out the rod and stash the tube in the bushes until I am ready to leave.  I might as well have left the tube in the middle of the trail, since it was impossible to hide being stark white... well, and be able to find it again.


How to build a pvc fly rod tube 8


This is my solution.  A camo'd fly rod tube.  Took less than 10 minutes of actual work.



The Importance of Footwear

So, I'm fishing this wonderful creek somewhere in the Sequoia National Forest when I flip a hopper pattern under a log.  There's a splash, I set the hook, and this fiesty Brown takes off for the under-cut bank on the other side of the log.  "NOT SO FAST!", I yell while giving chase down the bank to try and turn him.  My eyes are on the water as my line goes loose, then tight again.  Only now the feel is wrong - I suspect he hung up my leader.  I am still rushing for a better angle, when *BAM* I stub my toe on an old semi-petrified tree trunk.  I'm down on the bank...


Toe injured fly-fishing



Improved Fish Weight Formula

Improved Fish Weight Formula - Figure out weight with length and girth

The generally accepted formula for figuring out a fishes weight based on length and girth is:

Weight = (Length X Girth²)/800

I recently saw data that showed a better formula is:

Weight = (Length X Girth²)/690

So, for the mathematically challenged (like my wife), here is how it works:

Lets say our fish is a 15" long rainbow that is 11" around at the widest point (girth).

Weight = (15 X 11²)/690
Do the girth squared first... 11² is: 11 X 11 = 121 and plug it in
Weight = (15 X 121)/690
Now finish the length times width... 15 X 121 =  1815
One last bit of math: Weight = 1815/690
The final weight (estimate) is: 2.6 pounds 

I have personally only verified this with 3 fish, but it worked much better than the original. 


Dying Feathers

How to dye feathers for fly tying

I have read that feathers can be dyed at home using the sugar-less Kool-aid packets or just food coloring.  I was at the store today and noticed that the egg dying kits are available for Easter.  This got me thinking...





Organization Tip 1

Fly Tying Organization Tip #1 

Grab some of these up at Walmart for about $2 each...




Fly Rod Tube

How to build a fly rod tube 

How to build your own fly rod tube for well under $10.  The supplies I purchased from Home Depot; 1½" X 10' PVC Pipe $5.11, 1½" PVC Cap $0.83, 1½" PVC Female Adaptor, 1½" PVC Plug.


To see how I painted the finished tube:


Finishing the PVC Fly Rod Tube


ŠJason Barios All Rights Reserved



PSR (Prime Spot Rotation)

I somewhat recently fished a creek with a friend, and since he is a much more experienced fly fisher than me, I tried to just follow his lead. I noticed that when we found a spot on the creek that was both approachable and looked promising, he would subtly encourage a trade-off (you take this hole, I get the next hole) kind of thing. It seemed fair. Unfortunately, my impatience with the lack of action kept me moving. I noticed a couple of times that I had deviated from the unspoken agreement.

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