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Wiggle Tail Nymph with Video

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Inspired by a youtube video which is embedded at the end of this article.  After watching the video I tied up a few and hit my local stream to try them out.  Below is one of the 3 I caught with this style of nymph.


Took Wiggle Tail Nymph


The person demonstrating the tying technique in the video doesn't try too hard to make the materials used easy to see.  It really doesn't matter though.  It's more a style of tying than an exact pattern.  I don't like to waste a perfectly good hook on the tail section, so I use a paper clip.  The tutorial that follows shows an over-sized nymph for the sake of photography.


Wiggle Tail Nymph Step 1


Paper clip in my tying vise.


Wiggle Tail Nymph Step 2


I tweaked the paper clip to be roughly a tail shape.


Wiggle Tail Nymph Step 3


Wrap the wire with thread, add a loop of 6 lb test, wrap with thread and Super Glue in place.


Wiggle Tail Nymph Step 4


Tie a nymph tail.  I am leaving out the nymph tying part - use your favorite.


Wiggle Tail Nymph Step 5


Again thread wrap the shank lay the mono over the shank and wrap with another layer of touching thread wraps.  Glue.


Wiggle Tail Nymph Step 6


Tie the front-half of your nymph - I like to make a small skirt to hide the joint - and tie off.


This little bugger will dance in the current!